- E.E.S Established in 2000 as trading and representation company working in the pharmaceutical field.
- E.E.S is representing several European reputable companies.
- E.E.S is a nationwide leader in providing calibration and validation.
- Related services for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical    device manufacturers.

Our calibration lab internationally accredited from EGAC 

- our services cover a full range of calibration needs. which include.
- onsite calibration services - process calibration services - lab    calibration service.
- Pharmaceutical Equipment validation services (IQ-OQ).
- Thermal mapping (for autoclaves - ovens–dehydrogenation
   tunnels - incubators - cold store-refrigerators - stability    chambers).

-Internationally  Accredited Inspection Body (Type A)  By EGAC in compliance with the Requirements of ISO/ IEC 17020 :2012 In the field of Validation Of Physical Performance Of Ethylene Oxide Sterilization Process For Medical Devices , Clean Rooms and Associated Controlled Environment (CAB No. 317001).


-Internationally Accredited Calibration Laboratory By EGAC in compliance with the Requirements of ISO 17025:2017 In the field of Pressure and Temperature Calibration (CAB No. 20509)


-Management System as per EN ISO 9001:2015 Certified by TUV Austria  In The Following Scope  ( Provision Of calibration Thermal Validation For Ovens , Refrigerated Stores , Incubators , Autoclaves, Tunnels  and Freeze driers   , Equipment Validation Of Production machines , Utilities and Lab Equipment Used Pharmaceutical  and medical Industries  )

Certificate registration NO. 20001180000482.


- HVAC system validation.
- Clean room validation according to ISO 14644 requirements.

About EES


12 Ibn Sander sq., Kobry El - Kobba,

Cairo - Egypt. 

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