Clean Room Validation Equipment

Technical capability is our strength DOP SOLUTIONS developed the most accurate and robust photometers, along with a supporting range of equipment to ensure all required tools to validate a clean room.

Aerosol Photometer: 

The SP200DNS Photometer has been specifically designed to ensure that all your filter testing requirements are satisfied now and in the future. The DNS (Dynamic Noise Suppression) system allows highly variable aerosol challenges to be measured without significant loss of response time. 

The instrument boasts the greatest sensitivity and lowest noise drift available. 

Precision Thermal Generator:

A medium sized and compact Thermal Aerosol Generator for use in validating high efficiency Air Filtration Systems, air flow visualization in work and fire training. Internal gas bottle or external gas bottle (version determines option). Oil is propelled through the heat exchanger using an inert gas (normally CO2). The vapor condenses in the ambient air to provide a dry dense aerosol smoke.
The precision needle valve allows the user to accurately and repeatable control the aerosol output.
The DOP1100 compliments our family of G209 aerosol generators. 

Self Contained Laskin Nozzle Generator:

The self contained DOP600C10 Laskin Nozzle Aerosol generator with built in compressor is designed to provide small quantities of aerosol suitable for challenging single filter systems such as installed in LAF and MBSC. The generator is also provided with a compressed air input which may be used in place of the in-built compressor, making it suitable for operation in hazardous areas. 

SPG Laskin Aerosol Generator:

The SPG Range of Laskin generators are ideal for the testing of small filter systems. Depending upon the model chosen the Portable Laskin Aerosol Generator will provide sufficient aerosol to challenge systems between 182 and 1,800 m3/hr. Laskin Generators are also suitable for smoke visualisation work and room recovery determinations. The standard generators model number is prefixed with the letters SPG while the transportable models are prefixed with the letters DOP.

Stainless Steel Digital Probe:

SP20 Stainless Steel Digital Probe The SP20 is an accessory for the SP200DNS Photometer. It is a Stainless Steel Fishtail scanning probe with digital readout and LED alarm indication. The measuring value is replicated on the 5 digit LCD back light display. 

A special feature of the probe is that the fishtail may be separated from the display allowing more comfortable scanning options.

Air Mover:

Air mover with electronic variable speed control. Supplied complete on a trolley with on/off switch and 10 meters of flexible 50 mm tube to connect to the filter system. 
Used where static filters are installed and the filter is to be aerosol tested. Draws air and aerosol from aerosol generator and provides both the air source and aerosol challenge. 
(Generator not included) Open flow of 156 m3/hr. Can also be used as Positive Injection Pump to allow aerosol to be introduced to air handling systems. 240 volt operation 50/60 Hz 900 watts.

Injection Pump:

The Mobile Positive Injection Pump provides easy handling of aerosol at the point of injection. The Aero gene Aerosol Generator simply stands on the floor and the aerosol is directed to the injection point using the 5cm diameter flexible pipe provided in a 10 meter length. Speed control version allows precision control of spare pipe aerosol curtain for testing LAF units and MBSC. Allows control over 10% - 100% range. 


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