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 Labo inc. produces high sensitive circulating water bath and laboratory test devices while serving in heating and cooling businesses by using its 36 year experience and know-how. Labo inc. provides to its customers the best way to take advantage of information technologies through its experienced staff’s knowledge in the industry. 


 Labo B100-D23
    B series circulator water baths mark itself from other models by its huge bath inside area. B Series models ,prensented to the choice of users by its  26 x 36 cm  or 35 x 42 cm bath opening , serves appropriate ambience to many application by its 16 cm and 27 cm deep bath. Baths which provide homogen temperature values at all piont by continuous liquid circulation in bath, have digital screen which provides following temperature easily. High temperature avoiding system is standart on these all models.


 Labo C200-H13C Series circulators are the appropriate models which are for general purpose production, R&D and quality control. 0,03 ℃ high temperature, sensitive homogeneous temperature value can be obtain by C series models which have stainless steel cell and circulation system


Y Series – Refrigerated and Heating Circulators

H series Circulators are the models which used for working over the room temperature with heatable feature. H series models that supply untained heat with its new generation PID control system, have digital control and high temperature avoiding system.


 P Series – Refrigerated and Heating Circulators
P series circulation water baths have huge usage area for work of production, R&D and quality control by its low liquid level warning system and 0,02 ℃ perfect sensitive temperature.
These models in which all voice and visiual warning systems coleccted under one control panel are friendly to the user. 


 H Series – Heating Circulators
Grant supplies a range of dataTaker data loggers, including the versatile DT80 with 5-15 analogue inputs to the DT85 with 16-48 analogue inputs. Together with Geotechnical versions of the DT80 and DT85 and channel expansion units for extra analogue channels. 


Labo VSC-100
kinematic viscosity bath is digital and easy to use universal device which provides appropirate measurements to the standards of ASTM D455 and TS 1451 EN ISO 3104. Measurements can easily be done by watching from lucid glass surface and semi-automatically. Many U tubes measurement systems like ubbelohde, micro ubbelohde, cannon-fenske, micro -ostwald... etc. can be used. Water or silicone oil can be prefered as bath liquid.



MG-800 Labo MG-800
magnetic stirrer circulating bath model is a special designed device which win huge admiration of its users. MG-800 provides many different working by its large usage area and magnetic mixers which are under the surface of bath. Samples which are in the bath and mixing system can be easily watch by its lucid observation glass.

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Gemini n


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newtronic 2

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