Enviromental Monitoring And Recording Instruments for sores , refrigratores , production facilities.



Data loggers with digtal display for temperature and humidity 

TV-4500-25 to +50°C/0 to 100% RH. 

A range of high resolution data loggers with a 30,000 reading capacity and a display. 

Temperature data logger

Tinytag Talk 2-40 to 85°C. 

compact, lightweight, economical loggers

Tinytag Plus 2

A wide range of versatile, rugged, waterproof, high resolution, loggers with a 32,000 readings capacity.

Tinytag Hand - Held

Hand-held meters that can also be used as a data loggers.

Tinytag Speciality

A range of specialist loggers for specific applications.

Logger with Temperature / Relative Humidity Probe

TV-4505-25 to +85°C/0 to 100% RH

Tinytag Ultra 2

Fully featured, high resolution loggers for indoor use with a 32,000 readings capacity.

Tinytag Transit

A range of low cost loggers designed specifically for shipment monitoring.

Gemini n
Gemini n


newtronic 2
newtronic 2

Gemini n
Gemini n