Temperature mapping studies are required for any space allocated for the storage and handling of products with a
specified labeled storage temperature. This includes refrigerators, freezers, incubators, cold rooms, temperature
controlled storage areas, quarantine areas, warehouse spaces and receiving and loading bays. In pharmaceutical
and medical industries

We have a range of services that can be tailored to suit your project requirements, saving you time and delivering
cost effective but necessary support. As temperature and humidity experts we can offer advice and support.

Our independent engineers are experienced and trained to test equipment. All of our temperature mapping test
equipment is maintained with a traceable calibration and we hold an extensive range of loggers in stock to ensure
that we have enough equipment to support the largest mapping projects


Temperature mapping is also critical in spaces without active temperature control systems. Thermal validation
establishes the temperature distribution across the being mapped and locates any hot or cold spots. The data
collected provides an essential source of information to ensure that all products are correctly stored within their
labeled temperature range(s). Based on the results of the thermal validation, decisions can be made regarding
permanent monitoring solutions to safeguard your products or samples consistently. Studies should be conducted
seasonally or following significant changes to account for any local changes in environment. Reports from thermal
validation studies are often requested by quality assurance departments, external auditors and sometimes even
from customers.

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